Word is bond

Starz now has more streaming subscribers than linear

The company reported that domestic OTT subscribers increased to 10 million, up 500K from last quarter. Globally (including STARZPLAY Arabia), they added 2.1 million subscribers, reaching 16.7 million subscribers (up 69% year-over-year). Link

Roku inks streaming rights deal with Saban Films

The company has signed an exclusive pay-one window deal with Saban Films, covering much of the studio’s 2021 slate. The deal is the first exclusive feature window deal that Roku has signed, with the Saban films set to be available for free on The Roku Channel three months after they debut in theaters. Link

A standalone CNN+ is in the works

This is according to head honcho Jeff Zucker, who addressed his employees in a town hall meeting Tuesday. Zuck said that (CNN+...not surprising) would be available within the next year and that it’s currently in its developmental stages. Link

Amazon roars with its $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM Studios

The announcement was pretty vague, and there’s no press briefing planned. What happens to EPIX in all of this? Regardless, Amazon needs more content for Prime Video to stay relevant against Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and the many other streaming services competing for eyeballs. Buying MGM not only gives it library favorites, but also improves its odds of making better originals with a fully-fledged studio that has made recent hits such as "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Fargo." The deal hasn’t closed yet and is subject to regulatory approvals. But until then...word is Bond. This is Amazon’s second-largest acquisition ever, with the first being Whole Foods ($13.4b) Link

HBO Max announces Latin America launch date

Beginning June 29, HBO Max will be available in 39 territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, starting with catalog and Max Originals plus live sports in Brazil and Mexico later this year. The service will offer Warner Bros. movies at no additional cost 35 days after being released in theaters in Latin America and feature local original titles produced in the region. Link

Related: Lessons from HBO Max’s first year. Link

SlingTV completely redesigns its app

The newly redesigned app will roll out first on Fire TV devices and hit Roku devices this summer. The many changes include a left-side navigation column and a new home screen that focuses on content recommendations. The channel guide has been “reimagined” to make favoriting channels and filtering easier, though it will still feel familiar to customers who want that traditional cable-like grid. Link

Disney is closing 100 international TV Channels, moving its content direct-to-consumer

It’s continuing a restructuring that’s funneling the bulk of its content into its Disney+. The company also closed 30 overseas stations last year and has been consolidating major TV and movie production studios to focus on its key, including ESPN+, Hotstar, and Disney+, which is on pace for 230-260 million subscribers by the end of 2024. Link


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Here’s how much Hollywood’s major players expect to spend on content this year:

  • Disney: $24.5 Billion

  • WarnerMedia + Discovery: $20 Billion

  • NBCUniversal: $17.8 Billion

  • Netflix: $17 Billion

  • ViacomCBS: $15 Billion (and the company plans to spend $5 billion exclusively on streaming content by 2024)

  • Amazon Prime Video: $9 Billion

Nobody said the content wars would be cheap. Link

WarnerMedia’s EVP of DTC Global Product Management, Sarah Lyons, speaks about the future of HBO Max as well as her own experience with mergers and how they shaped her career. Link

Tech is transforming Hollywood and here are the biggest deals that have altered The Streaming Wars. Link

How Apple's 2015 negotiations for Time Warner bundling deal briefly led to acquisition talks. Link

Streaming app revenues climbed 48 percent in the last year. Link

AVOD revenue to top $66 billion through 2026. Link

Digital content revenue to exceed $432bn globally by 2026. Link


About Google’reputation for investing in and then abandoning various software and platform ventures

“A lot of times, they’re sort of focused on something…Then, they’re not.” - Steve Louden, Roku CFO

About the combined power of AT&T and WarnerMedia

“Realistically, HBO Max would be where it is today if not for the strength of the two combined companies (AT&T and WarnerMedia)” - John Stankey, AT&T CEO

About David Zaslav

"He's a masterful at presenting himself as an aw-shucks guy from Rockland County, but underneath in the middle of a deal he's more aggressive than one of the great whites on 'Shark Week.” - Friend of David Zaslav

About Discovery+

"I think we are not only going to be the third such platform, but I think we'll be very competitive with the other two (Netflix and Disney+) in terms of being able to satisfy the entertainment and curiosity and information needs of the world, basically, a worldwide platform." - John Malone, Liberty GlobalChairman and member of the Discovery Communications board


3Play Media unveils a new brand identity and rebrand. Link

ThinkAnalytics integrates with Amazon Personalize. Link

Innovid Bolsters Investment in Identity and Measurement. Link

Sensor Tower buys Pathmatics to provide ad insights across apps and digital. Link

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We recently presented a workshop titled "How to keep your subscribers from hurling their remote at the TV". To attract, grow, and retain subscribers on platforms you own, scaling empathy across each touchpoint, including marketing campaigns, not only keeps consumers from launching the remote, but it is also the key to surviving the streaming wars.

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