The guide to naming streaming services in 2020: Stick a ➕ on the end

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Streaming services and the Emmys

On an Emmy night dominated by HBO and Schitt’s Creek, streaming services were largely marginalized, taking three supporting actor prizes and a fourth for best limited-series directing. Link

Great jumping Jehoshaphat! The Peacock has been unblocked. At least from Roku.

The ongoing standoff between Comcast and Roku intensified on Friday when the Comcast threatened to remove NBC apps and programming from Roku devices over the weekend. This included 11 network apps, 12 NBC-owned stationed apps, and 23 Telemundo apps. But just hours after the announcement came, word came that a deal, which would include Peacock landing on Roku, was imminent. Peacock is still unavailable on Amazon Fire TV devices. Link

“Cause if you stream it, then you should put a + on it” -- Beyonce

Discovery is getting ready to officially enter the streaming wars. The company plans to debut its direct-to-consumer streaming service — which will be called Discovery+ — in the first quarter of 2021, according to agency executives. Some agency executives had been told that the TV network group was aiming to launch the standalone streamer in the fourth quarter of 2020, but were skeptical of the timeframe given a lack of details about the service’s pricing, sponsorship packages and distribution plans. A Discovery spokesperson declined to comment. Link

Paramount, the hip studio all the kids love

ViacomCBS announced that it would be renaming its CBS All Access streaming service to Paramount Plus in early 2021. Now, the obvious question here is why Paramount Plus? Paramount is a celebrated film studio, but it doesn’t hold the same kind of weight and affinity among consumers at large the way Disney does. Plus, Paramount doesn’t exactly scream “for the younger generation” the way that ViacomCBS executives reportedly want it to. The whole reason for the name change is reportedly because executives thought the CBS label wouldn’t bring in new younger subscribers. Link

Integrating Paramount+ and Pluto TV

In the wake of next year’s launch of Paramount+, Bob Bakish made it clear that streaming is a core component of the company’s strategy as it seeks to leverage its vast content assets. Bakish also sees a big role for Pluto TV, the company’s ad-supported streaming service. “This is going to be part of what will be an increasingly integrated streaming ecosystem,” he said. For example, if someone pauses a pay subscription, “we can capture them in Pluto and maintain monetization and be positioned for future remarketing.” Link

Tubi hits new MAU record and expands international offerings

Tubi reached 33 million monthly active users in August, up 65% over the same period in 2019 and a new high-water mark for the Fox Corp. streaming service. The company also announced the launch of Tubi en Español, a Spanish-language offering within the Tubi app, on Roku devices in the U.S. Metro by T-Mobile is the presenting sponsor of the tranche of more than 3,000 hours of programming on the free, ad-supported service. Link

9 considerations for launching your ott service internationally

I recently wrote an article discussing OTT globalization and the most important considerations that streaming video providers, such as Tubi,  need to consider when expanding their services internationally. Link

Apple unveils Apple One and new subscription bundle tiers

At its fall event last week, Apple confirmed it’s introducing a multi-tiered bundle called Apple One, which will group some of its most popular services with additional cloud storage. Apple still has some kinks to iron out, though. It’s originals hub, Apple TV+, is still light on content, a problem Apple is working to fix by offering exclusive bundles to its subscribers, as it recently did with services CBS All Access and Showtime -- a deal that we recently pointed out was good for Apple and not so good for ViacomCBS. Link

Apple burns developer goodwill with surprise release of iOS 14

Also at the event, Apple surprised developers with the news that it would be immediately releasing the updated versions of its major software platforms, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14, giving them less than a day to prepare. The unexpected and accelerated timeline left many developers scrambling to ready their apps for App Review and has complicated developers’ plans for the iOS 14 launch day. Typically, developers will often leverage an iOS launch day to promote their apps’ new features via press releases, blog posts and social media. News coverage from app review sites may even include roundups of notable updates to favorite apps, or highlight those apps that have taken advantage of new iOS features in interesting ways. This year, instead, the developer community can’t worry about chasing press and accolades, as they now have to get their app ready for the iOS 14 update ahead of schedule. Link

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More from the front lines

Google's dongle with Android TV to Be named Chromecast with Google TV. Link CuriosityStream CEO on going public & quadrupling its content. Link DC Universe streaming service pivots from video. Link ‘The more culture you own’: Condé Nast pursues more revenue growth with new brand-strength metric. Link YouTube TV begins Integrating purchased movies into interface. Link


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How to keep your subscribers from hurling their remote at the TV

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