Bezos vs Stankey: T-minus 2 days for Amazon & HBO Max to cut a deal

It’s HBO Max launch week and some important deals are coming down the wire.

Warnermedia has yet to cut deals with Amazon, Roku, and Comcast, I think we’ll hear a Roku announcement first, but Amazon’s the more important deal. For Amazon, they have about 53% of HBO’s OTT subscribers (not to mention Cinemax) paying them directly for access via “Prime Channels”. Amazon would like to maintain that business. For WarnerMedia, they don’t have direct customer relationships with 53% of their OTT subscriber base. Ideally, WarnerMedia wants to own those relationships and the subsequent data and insights that come along with it via the direct-to-consumer HBO Max app. In the meantime, WarnerMedia has removed HBO series such as True Blood, Entourage, and The Sopranos from Amazon Prime Video. 43Twenty

The companies that have the confidence to make it easy to leave, are the ones you won’t.

While millions of cable subscribers are paying for live sports they’re not receiving, Netflix announced that it’s notifying customers who haven’t watched anything for 12 months since signing up whether they want to continue with their subscription. Here’s why it makes sense. 43Twenty Study Finds Netflix Has Least Technical Problems of Any Streaming Service. Link

Starz & Starzplay reach 10.6 million global OTT subs.

Starz, Starzplay Arabia and Pantaya global OTT subscriptions reached a total of 10.6 million, 6.8 million of that domestically. Parent company, Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer predicts the company will have 13-15 paid global OTT subscribers by end of its fiscal year. Link

Hulu gets a facelift.

Hulu is updating its user interface in order to provide a consistent experience across Disney’s other streaming services, Disney+ and ESPN+ . Changes include a new navigational pattern that allows users to navigate through collections vertically and explore within a collection by moving horizontally. Link

Apple is pivoting its TV+ strategy.

It’s been six months and Apple TV+ is just not cutting it, although we don’t have any official statistics. Estimates from Ampere Analysis suggest that Apple has approximately 33 million TV+ subscribers, however, but a new Bloomberg article claims the number is closer to 10 million, which includes people that were given a free year after buying a new Apple device. However, only about half of that number have actively used the service, which is not good. After Tim Cook suggested that Apple would not get into library content, stating recently that “Apple TV+ is about original programming” and “it doesn’t feel right to just go out and take a rerun”, the company is rumored to be shopping for older Hollywood movies and TV shows. Apparently, the company’s realized it can’t sustain a subscription business on a limited about of originals, especially when many of those free-trials will start to expire in six months. Link

A study shows that 70% of consumers would rather watch new movies at home.

According to a 1,000 person survey conducted in mid-May by Performance Research and Full Circle Research, 70% of respondents would rather see a first-run feature as a digital rental at home versus going to the movie theater, if both were available. Link

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