Netflix's next act 🎬

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Netflix has run circles around everybody and it appears ready for its next act

Netflix is looking to hire an executive to oversee an expansion into videogames, a sign it is stepping up its efforts to grow beyond traditional filmed entertainment per The Information. And games are a natural evolution for Netflix given its existing relationship with more than 200 million global subscribers. The company’s also rumored to be accepting pitches from outside producers and is looking to hire an executive to lead its podcasting push. Netflix has an existing library of about 30 podcasts, which are primarily tied to the promotion of its content such as “The Crown” and “The Irishman.” Link | Link

WarnerDiscovery hopes to bridge the gap

The WarnerDiscovery merger has shown us how much of a gap there is between legacy media and Netflix. Media companies not only need international scale but have enough content to capture global audiences. More on the merger:

  • If Discovery decides to back out of the WarnerDiscovery merger, it will owe AT&T a breakup fee of $720 million. If AT&T decides to do the same, it will have to pay Discovery a $1.77 billion breakup fee. Link

  • It may not be surprising that WarnerDiscovery is structuring itself for a future sale. Link

  • Breaking down the deal: Winner, losers, pros, and cons. Link

Android TV & Google TV reach 80 million active devices

You may think that Android TV OS is ahead of its rivals like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, with 53.6 million and 50+ million monthly active accounts, respectively. However, go figure these are different measurements. Android TV OS figures are calculated by counting the number of devices that were actively used in a month, which means a user with multiple devices could have those devices counted separately, but a family with multiple people watching on one device would be counted once.

Roku and Amazon define monthly active users as “accounts” that have been active during the month. That means, even if that account streams on several different devices during the time period, it would only be counted once. If Roku or Amazon were to calculate active devices as Google is doing, their numbers would be higher. Link

HBO Max originals coming to Pay TV

WarnerMedia is making a handful of HBO Max originals available outside the streaming service when it launches “Front Row” on TBS and TNT this summer. Front Row on TBS and TNT could help drive consumers toward the HBO Max platform. It’s a strategy that’s been used by other premium and subscription channels. Late last year, Showtime launched a free, ad-supported channel on Pluto TV to highlight its original content. Netflix has also begun testing a linear TV channel on the web to preview its content in some countries. Link

Struum announces content partners ahead of its soft-launch later this month

The upcoming streaming video aggregation and discovery service has secured deals with more than 50 content partners for its service. It’ll launch an early preview version later this month on the web and via iOS and Chromecast with a full launch planned later this summer. Eventually, the service will expand device compatibility to Apple TV, Android TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

Partner content on Struum’s platform will be available through a credit-based subscription model that lets users sample and discover programming and use monthly credits to unlock only the films and TV episodes they want to watch. Struum is also able to provide programming suggestions from across all of its content partners based on viewing habits. Link

Related: How Struum’s building a streaming service out of streaming services, combining dozens of niche players in a single interface and subscription that it hopes can become much more than the sum of its parts. Link


Apple’s likely to win the Epic case, however, Congress is now considering reigning in the monopoly power of companies like Apple through changes to antitrust laws or even through direct regulation of app marketplaces. Link

Consolidation… And then what? Somebody needs to make sense of streaming. Link

Ouchie. The top U.S. pay-TV providers lost 1.895 million net video subscribers in the first quarter. Link

Consumers are looking to limit spending on streaming services in the post-pandemic world. Link

But Americans are predicted to subscribe to an average 5.7 streaming services by 2024. Link

Why the streaming wars are just a distraction for marketers. Link

Being a media company used to be cool. Now everyone wants out. Link

Why Amazon’s pursuing MGM—and what it means for Apple. Link


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ORS launches hybrid Smart TV apps powered by 3SS. Link

Mogi IO - AI based Video Tech SaaS venture Raises Funding from Pentathlon Ventures. Link

Tubi taps LiveRamp to help create addressable CTV audiences. Link

Local Now expands partnership with Scripps. Link

BeIN Media Group, Sony Ink Multi-Year Deal Covering Middle East, Africa, Turkey. Link

Magnite, Amazon selected for Scripps' connected TV, OTT ad ops. Link

PadSquad Breaks Free from Ordinary TV Ads with Interactive CTV Offering. Link

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