Jeffrey Katzenberg is to Quibi what Michael Jordan was to the Charlotte Bobcats

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The Katz out of the bag and Quibi is shutting down after only 199 days. But you wouldn’t know that by going to the Quibi app, which is still allowing new customers to create accounts and sign up with absolutely zero heads up that the service and content will be going away soon. My colleague Rory sums it up well. “$1,750,000,000 wasted launching something that any single conversation with any single person under 40, could have told you within 5 mins was dead on arrival.” 

What always bothered me with Quibi wasn’t the tech. The tech was actually pretty good, whether or not it infringed on Eko’s trade secrets is another story, or if Turnstyle actually enhanced the video experience….dunno probably not. My biggest issue with Quibi were the egos. There's being humble and then there's telling an auditorium full of people, “I’ve been doing this before you were all fucking born” and then when things weren't going so well, blaming a pandemic as the sole reason for its failures. Katz and Meg Whitman didn’t know how people use their phones, what people want from streaming services, or why something like TikTok and Netflix worked. After all, Meg’s just not that into TV. Her favorite show is a documentary about President Grant. Anyway, let’s pour one out for Quibi. Link

Netflix Q3 subscriber growth slows, content pipeline remains healthy. After two consecutive quarters of growth, Netflix's subscriber gains slowed in Q3. But the streaming giant's healthy 2021 content slate will keep it resistant to churn. Netflix now has 195.2 million paid subscribers worldwide, up 23.3% from 158.3 million in Q3 2019. Year to date, Netflix has netted 28.1 million paid subscribers—slightly more than the 27.8 million it added in all of 2019 and almost as many as in 2018 (28.6 million). Link

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Did you know? Many Netflix disc subscribers live in rural areas where broadband connectivity is spotty, not surprisingly. In Q3, which ended Sept. 30, Netflix generated $59 million in disc rental revenue. Through nine months of the fiscal year, the service has generated $185 million in disc revenue. Link

Out with free trials. In with StreamFest. Netflix is looking to promote its service with a 48-hour free streaming event. They’re looking to first test the free streaming offer in India and may bring it to other countries in the following months. Link

ViacomCBS announces the second executive shuffle at the company in less than a year, just days after Disney did the same and making its commitment to its streaming division, including both free ad-supported platforms like Pluto TV and subscription services like CBS All Access, soon to be Paramount Plus, known with a major reorganization. The news comes just after Disney did the same thing. Link

Is T-Mobile launching their streaming TV service nationwide tomorrow? T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert posted a teaser video on Thursday announcing the company will be making a huge “uncarrier” move tomorrow at 11:30am EDT and whatever the surprise is, it has nothing to do with the company as a phone carrier. You can watch the livestream (here). Link


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Sling TV adds new "pause on live" feature to pause, FF, and rewind live TV. Link

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John Stankey (AT&T CEO) predicts that millions more will cut the cord (link) and blasts ‘bottlenecks’ created by Amazon, Roku impasses. Link

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