In 2021, content is no longer king

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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Bienvenu. Pluto TV becomes the first FAST service to launch in France. The service will launch in the country on February 8th as it seeks to scale across Europe. At its French launch, the service will boast 40 curated channels from ViacomCBS brands, as well as third-party content from international and French publishers, broadcasters, and distributors. Pluto TV is already available in three continents and 24 countries. The service is next planning to launch in Italy in late 2021. Link

Netflix now boasts more than 204 million global subscribers. The company added 37 million subscribers last year (estimated 6m), topping 200 million globally (they added 28m in 2019). Netflix plans to be cash-flow neutral this year and cash-flow positive every year after 2021 and will no longer need external financing to fund its operations. Additionally, the company will consider reintroducing share buybacks to use excess cash, the first time in a decade it would do so. Link

Solving browse fatigue. This year, Netflix’s ‘Shuffle Play’ feature will roll out to all users worldwide. Link

Gimmie the loot. Three municipalities in Georgia are suing Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming video providers for as much as 5% of their gross revenue. They cite a 2007 law that specifies that “video services” must pay a quarterly franchise fee to local governments unless they’re part of a larger internet service package or operate wirelessly. With municipal budgets cratered by the pandemic, slapping a franchise fee on cash-heavy tech companies has never been more appealing. It won’t happen. Link

And yes, Netflix still rents DVDs. The company reported $200 million in 2020, a decrease of about $100 million from the end of 2019. Link

Content is no longer king. It’s a differentiator. According to Deloitte's survey of 1,100 people in October, 46% of respondents canceled at least one streaming service in the last six months. Having exclusive content alone isn't enough to retain your customers. Viewers will cycle through your services as fast as it takes them to binge the latest series. No single company will win the streaming wars, but the ones that will fall into obscurity will be those that don't prioritize experiences. Link

The CW and the Netflix effect. On Monday, the CW’s app sat atop the list of free apps available on iOS devices, passing YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. So why the spike? Look no further than the Netflix effect. Riding on the successful week, The CW announced their app is coming to Vizio SmartCast TVs. Link

Tubi said there were 2.5 billion hours streamed on their service in 2020, representing a 58% growth in viewership. Link

Paramount+ to debut in the U.S. and Latin America on March 4. On February 24, ViacomCBS will reveal an overview of their streaming plans and strategy for their streaming video offerings including Paramount+, Pluto TV, BET+, and Showtime. Link

Cinedigm acquires Fandor. Cinedigm has acquired independent-film streaming service, Fandor and its library of 4,600+ titles. Cinedigm plans to leverage its content library, technology, engineering, and distribution capabilities to rapidly expand Fandor’s content offering, relaunch the service’s apps and dramatically expand its distribution footprint. Link

Starz is expanding to Indonesia. The company announced plans to expand into Indonesia through branded subscription streaming video service Lionsgate Play. Link

The total number of paying SVOD subscribers has reached seven million in Indonesia, the most populous market in Asia after China and India. There are about 260 million people in the country; however, due to its geography ( an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands) and state of economic development has historically left the region underserved by streaming video services, but the deployment of cellular phone and data services is allowing OTT to catch up. Link


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