Direct-to-consumer role reversal: WWE and HBO Max

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Peacock reaches 33 million signups, and WWE exits the DTC business. Peacock activations are up from the 26 million that Comcast announced in December. Meanwhile, the WWE and NBCUniversal announced that WWE Network would be integrated into Peacock starting March 18. NBCU bought long-term (5 years) streaming rights to the WWE Network and its wrestling shows. As part of the deal, the US version of the app will be shut down, representing a vast majority of its subscribers (1.2 million out of 1.6 million). For years, the WWE’s been evaluating various distribution strategies to significantly increase its subscriber revenues and determined that exiting the direct-to-consumer biz, at least in the U.S., is the best path there. The deal’s terms weren’t announced publicly, although The WSJ places the cost in the neighborhood for $1 billion for a five-year deal. Link

HBO Max reaches 6.8 million direct-to-consumer subscribers, reaching 41.5 million subscribers in total (which includes retail, wholesale, HBO, commercial, etc.). The company’s increased focus on DTC is paying off as HBO subs dropped to 197K ( down from 5.6 million) as those signed-up through Roku and Fire TV were transitioned to HBO Max. And @WarnerMedia, kudos on the launch of the “Last Chance” feature and the recent UX overhaul, but my goodness, ADD “MY LIST” TO THE GLOBAL NAVIGATION! On Wednesday, John Stankey announced that HBO Max would likely add a cheaper, ad-supported subscription tier next quarter. However, no details of pricing, the subscription plan’s amount of ads, and specific release date were included. Link

AT&T loses 644,000 TV Subs in 4Q. Since it purchased DirecTV in 2015, AT&T has lost approximately nine million video subscribers. Link

The co-opetition is real. Amazon launches its free ad-supported service IMDb TV on Roku. The announcement comes roughly three months after Roku announced that its free ad-supported service, the Roku Channel, would launch on Amazon Fire TV devices. This quid pro quo comes as both companies try to expand their audience’s reach and deliver more ad impressions through free content. While IMDb TV is a win for consumers (yay, more free content), the experience is pretty dismal. Each of the seven content rows (or “swimlanes”) is relegated to only 25 titles per row. And while I’d say, “Yo Amazon, add a search feature to this app,” there’s just not much content there, to begin with. But hey, did I say it’s free? Link

Tivo says people want ads. Ten minutes scrolling Reddit suggests otherwise. In TiVos latest Trends Report, in which they surveyed 4,526 adults (81% of which may work in advertising), found that 81% of respondents wish that paid streaming services such as Netflix or Prime Video offered a free, ad-supported tier. Let’s get real, Tivo. Nobody wants ads, perhaps they’ll put up with them, but that’s it. And that’s totally okay. Link

Now even ad-supported services are putting a + on their name? A new ad-supported documentary service launched called (wait for it) Documentary+. Created by studio XTR and the late Tony Hsieh, Doc+ includes a mix of feature-length titles and short-form programs from renowned directors and up-and-coming filmmakers. Link

Verizon said over two-thirds of its Disney+ promo subs kept the service. While the video service partnership plan seems to be working out for Verizon’s wireless business, the company on the wireline side is still operating its Fios Video service, which recorded another 72,000 net customer losses in the fourth quarter. Link

Apple TV+ still has 62% of subscribers on free promotions. MoffettNathanson and HarrisX found that 62% of subscribers on free promotions in the Q4 thanks to Apple giving away a free year of the service to all customers who bought devices from the company. Link


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