A subscriber is not a subscriber

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It’s a long-term game and WarnedMedia's in for the ride. The news broke last week that Roku and WarnerMedia reached an agreement to distribute HBO Max on Roku platforms, however, the bigger story is that The Roku Channel will no longer sell subscriptions to HBO. This is a giant step forward in WarnerMedia’s quest to turn HBO Max into a direct-to-consumer business. According to sources at Bloomberg, Roku will receive a cut of the advertising inventory available in the upcoming ad-supported version of HBO Max, in exchange. Over the last two months, WarnerMedia launched HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV, Comcast X1 and Flex, Playstation 5, and Roku. They announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will head to theaters and HBO Max day & date, later following that up with the entire 2021 theatrical slate will be concurrently released on its streaming service. Link

A subscriber is not a subscriber. Consumers now use seven video streaming services, which is why aggregators are going to win the “streaming wars”. It’s also because so many companies are blinded by short-term gains, completely forgoing their DTC aspirations and farming their subscription business out to affiliates. The future of TV is direct-to-consumer. Either you’re going to establish a relationship with your customers or your partners will, straight up. Link

Why Hulu will not expand internationally. In February during a Disney earnings call, Bob Chapek said that Hulu would begin its international expansion as soon as 2021, however, Disney scrapped plans for Hulu's international roll-out, deciding instead to focus on Disney Plus and its India-based Star brand in non-US markets. Look no further than the deal Disney stuck with Comcast (who also had a stake in the streamer). Disney doesn't get to actually buy Comcast's 33% stake in Hulu until 2024, at which point the price will be determined by a third-party assessment of Hulu's market value. If Hulu becomes more valuable — through international success, for instance — Disney will have to pay more. Link

Netflix tests an audio-only option. Netflix first announced its plan to try an audio-only mode back in October and is now testing the feature initially for Android, that lets users disable video and listen to the audio of a TV show or movie in the background. Will anyone be interested in the feature? Dunno, which is why this is being tested. Link

Tubi’s revenues have doubled since Fox acquired it earlier this year. And its ad sales are growing so fast that Fox’s top financial executive this week predicted it will surpass the company’s broadcast network revenue in the next “two-to-three years.” Link

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has taken full control of Crackle Plus, with Sony exercising its option to trade a minority stake for preferred stock. The transaction gives Sony the right to obtain $40 million of preferred CSSE stock in exchange for its stake. For the next 30 days, Chicken Soup has the right to pay cash in lieu of some or all of the preferred stock and the company said it has already determined that it will give Sony some amount of preferred stock. Link


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